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Dog sled is a way of transport that dates to thousands of years ago, popular in extended snowed paths in the Arctic, used by the first people, like the Inuits (eskimoes) in Alaska. It is pulled by two types of dog races: the Siberian Huskies from Northern Asia and the Alaskan Huskies, from Arctic America. They are both raised and cared for by us here at Valle de Lobos and provide the necessary and exciting pulling through our snowed land on Winter.
The sled are built with noble wood from the Lenga Beech trees, typical of Patagonia. The design keeps the original traditions learned by Gato Curuchet directly from the Inuits.
When we run along the woods and the valley we leave behind everything we know. There is no feeling like riding a dog sled. Surrounding us is the big white, paired with the lenga beech woods, in which if we seek silence and pay close attention, we can hear the howling of the Eco, the white wolf of the Arctic, in its eternal romance with the moon, guiding and protecting us.
And then comes the time to tell stories by the fire, in which what was lived and felt is shared and accompanied by a cozy and warm beverage. Mixed emotions reminding the pilgrims of the end of the world. On the way back, the overwhelming feelings start to mutate into memories, changing us for good and for always.

Welcome to Valle de Lobos, Center for Raising and Training Sled Dogs, 19 km out downtown Ushuaia.

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